The study of interaction between the astronomical arrangement of the planets and happenings on Earth is called Astrology. In simple terms, it basically covers how distant cosmic objects such as planets, stars affect human lives. Astrology can be dated as far back as the 2nd Millennium BCE, several cultures such as the Hindus, Maya and the Chinese have attached great importance to this study. One of the most decrepit astrological systems -Western Astrology that held sway in the 19th – 17th century BCE Mesopotamia is still in dominance because of its strong influence in Rome, The Arab world, Central and Western Europe, Ancient Greece, and the Australian Continent.

Top Astrology Organisations in NZ

Astrology is gaining fast prominence in New Zealand and below are some of the organisations that are involved in Astrology –

  • Astrological Limited
  • Astrology Foundation, Auckland
  • Astrology and Horoscope for Auckland
  • International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)
  • All Astrology On The Net

Top Astrologers in NZ

  • Christine Broadbent – A renowned astrologer with 30 years experience in astrological writing and consulting, Christine has been lecturing and consulting in New Zealand and the international scene since 1996. She was the convener of the Pan-Pacific Planet Camp which was held at Lake Taupo. She is also an astrological writer for the Australian Wellbeing magazine which is a Bimonthly publication. Her research on Celestial Magic featured at the Sophia Centre Conference that was held in Bath, UK. Culture and Cosmos, an updated version of her previous research was published in 2017 and she’s largely responsible for the proposition of ‘Let’s celebrate New Moon conjunct Jupiter’ with an Aotearoa conference.
  • Colleen Coffey – An astute astrologer and an active member of PMAFA, DMASNZ, and Dip Astro (FAA), Colleen is a counseling astrologer, writer and lecturer by practice. With over 40 years of national and international prominence, she became a member of ASNZ in the early 70s shortly after it was founded and has held the presidency position thrice. One of her foremost achievements as the president of ASNZ was the initiation of a scholarship scheme which aided New Zealand students to sit for Australian Examinations and therefore enhanced their qualifications. Among all the conferences she has held, the ‘Making of the One Conference’ stood out amongst others.
  • Graham Ibell – With a huge experience of astrology for over two decades, Graham is a teacher and practitioner of Astrology in the UK and New Zealand. Having studied at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London and graduating in 2000 with a Diploma, he has taught several students and handled client consultations worldwide. 
  • Hamish Saunders – A co-founder of Astrology House in 1980, Hamish is one of the foremost Astrologers in New Zealand.  A graduate of Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology Course, he also co-founded AFI in 1983 was its president between 1988 to 2005. As an honorary member of Regulus Ebertin Study Group, he has succeeded in combining Astrological consultations and teaching. 


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