Cosmobiology into the 21st Century by Doris Greaves. 1997.

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Reviewed by Veronica Chlap

The author, Doris Greaves, wrote "Cosmobiology, a Modern Approach" in 1978. Many astrologers requested a reprint of this work, so Doris wrote "Cosmobiology into the 21st Century" which was completed in Canberra, December 1997.

This book is filled with astrological knowledge and wisdom. It combines traditional methods with Cosmobiology and therefore takes an holistic approach to the interpretation of the horoscope or Cosmogram.

Doris has also included some of her own research into the use of the Vertex, Equatorial ascendant and the Part of Fortune, giving descriptions of transiting planets to these points.

Explanations are given throughout the chapters, making it easy for students to follow, however, practitioners who would like to know more about Cosmobiology, as well as using midpoints, transits, solar arc directions for predictive work would also find this work invaluable.

The book uses charts which relate mainly to Australian life, personalities and politics, however, Doris has included the chart of Princess Diana's fatal car crash. Charts of Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are also included and these charts are all interpreted using methods of Cosmobiology.

The book has 16 chapters, which are as follows:

1. Basic Factors of the Horoscope

2. The House System in Traditional Astrology

3. Charting the Horoscope by Cosmobiology

4. Aspects and Midpoints

5. Solar Arc Directions

6. The Graphic Ephemeris & Interpretations

7. Life Diagram for Secondary Directions

8. Mundane Astrology

9. Ingress and Solstice Charts and Interpretations

10 Solar Return in Cosmobiology

11 Rectification of the Natal Chart

12 Fixed Stars and Eclipses

13 Part of Fortune, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant

14 Modern Case Histories Applying Cosmobiology

15 Personalities in 20th Century Cosmobiology

16 How to Calculate a Chart Without the Use of Computers

Looking down this list, students will certainly get a very good overview of the basic to the advanced techniques of astrology!

For the practitioner, perhaps the most useful chapter is "The Graphic Ephemeris and Interpretations". Doris has included an interpretation of transiting Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Moon's Node to all planets, and points including the Vertex, Part of Fortune and Equatorial Ascendant. The interpretations of the transits take on a distinctive modern tone, and also reveal that Doris has shared the knowledge and wisdom she has learned from applying Cosmobiology throughout her long and distinguished astrological career.

Veronica Chlap Canberra, 27 December, 1997. Vesta Astrology by Mail Phone: 61-02-62429613 E-mail:

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