Who's Who at Astrology House
Hamish Saunders began his studies in astrology at the age of 16. He has been a full-time professional astrologer since 1980 after co-founding Astrology House. He was head tutor of the New Zealand College of Astrology for 16 years and is current president of the Astrology Foundation Incorporated. He is a graduate of Robert Zoller's course in Medieval Astrology and is an honorary member of the Regulus Ebertin Study Group in Australia. He lectures on astrology internationally and within New Zealand, has appeared on radio and television many times and is currently involved in the production of the Janus Astrology Software program. His interests include photography, cinema, siamese cats and yoga.

Angela Thomas has been an astrologer since 1988 and has worked at Astrology House full time since 1994. She received her training in astrology at the New Zealand College of Astrology.  As well as doing client work, Angela teaches and lectures in astrology. She is involved in the development of Janus Astrology Software and her interests include Tai Chi, European languages, travel and cinema.

Mark Griffin has had a life-long interest in electronics and computers. He worked for an electronics company for many years as a programmer until changing career and assuming an administration position and head of computer programming at Astrology House in 1993. His interests include computers, computers, computers and some gardening.