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Annual Forecast Consultation

The Annual Forecast Consultation is a detailed look at your coming year.

The forecast  is unique to you, and is personally prepared and interpreted to you by one of our experienced professional astrologers, Hamish Saunders or Angela Thomas.

By having this chart prepared you will gain valuable insights into where you are in your life at the moment. You will also be made aware of the main trends and challenges you can expect to face over the next 12 months. This chart is very useful for planning ahead and for knowing when to take advantage of favourable planetary influences. 

To prepare your chart we require your Date of Birth, Town & Country of Birth, and Time of Birth. (Note: If you are unsure about the accuracy of your birth time, please contact us for information about birth time rectification).

Areas covered in the consultation include:

  • Your principal trends for the year
  • Financial ups and downs
  • Career status
  • Positive and challenging periods in your relationships
  • Family life and domestic affairs
  • Spiritual life
  • Health
  • Good and bad travel periods

The consultation incorporates the modern and medieval predictive techniques of Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Firdaria, Profections and Transits.

You will receive a 75 minute digitally recorded verbal consultation and a written report tailored to your individual needs. The recording of the session is emailed to you along with the written report. 

You can choose to have the consultation in person, by phone or Skype. When we have received your order we will email you to arrange a date and time for the consultation that works best for our respective time zones. Please allow approximately two weeks for the preparation of your chart and the consultation appointment.

Price: $125 USD, $150 NZD  Check the price in your currency.

 Annual Forecast Consultation Sample (229K)
 Topics discussed during the Annual Forecast Consultation

Note: The sample Annual Forecast Consultation chart is of Princess Diana, calculated for the year she married the Prince of Wales. [NB: As each of our Annual Forecast Consultation charts is customized to meet the individual needs of our clients, there will be some differences in style between the written report you receive and the sample shown here.]

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