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What is astrology and what can it tell me about myself?

Astrology is the study of man's response to planetary stimuli and a very effective tool for self-awareness. Knowledge of your horoscope can reveal inborn abilities and areas of potential challenge and difficulty. It can help you to recognise natural cycles and patterns of behaviour and put situations that arise into perspective.

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How does astrology work?

To be perfectly honest nobody knows exactly how astrology works, we just know from experience that it does. Down through the ages there have been many attempts to explain how it might work. Astrology-friendly scientists, for instance, have explored a correlation between the moment of birth and space magnetism and resonance; and statisticians have established evidence of specific planetary placements in the horoscopes of great sportsmen and women, actors, writers, scientists and politicians. Mystics, also, have offered their views on the "astrological effect", e.g. Sri Yukteswar in "Autobiography of a Yogi", chapter 16, states:

"All parts of creation are linked together and interchange their influences. The balanced rhythm of the universe is rooted in reciprocity. The stars have no conscious benevolence or animosity; they merely send forth positive and negative radiations. A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results."

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What is the difference between an astrology consultation and a psychic or similar reading?

Astrologers read a mathematically and astronomically precise chart based on the exact moment and place of birth. Intuition on the part of the astrologer may be present, but is not required for an accurate interpretation of the horoscope. The astrologer "reads the chart", i.e. interprets the positions of the planets in the signs, houses and their angular relationship with each other. And, because the planets move through the sky at known speeds the astrologer can pinpoint important dates well in advance and suggest potential outcomes. We cannot, however, predict when specific events such as meeting a 'soul-mate' or winning the lottery will happen. Nor do we contact spirit guides and angels. The real purpose of an astrology reading is to help you to understand and deal with life's highs and lows and to enable you grow as a person and be as successful as you can in all areas of your life.

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Is my life pre-destined or do I have free-will?

Life is a continuum and you are a soul inhabiting a human body. It would be folly to think that you are at the mercy of fate and destiny. Whatever you do or have ever done can be undone with self-awareness. You have spiritual resources which are not subject to planetary influence. With an understanding of astrology you can observe the effects of the planets in your life and base your decisions on this knowledge. You could liken your horoscope to a carpenter's toolbox; you have a number of tools at your disposal and the freedom to choose which tool to use in any given situation. With the right tool (astrological awareness) you will be able to get the best results. Certainly, there are some things in life that you cannot avoid or change, but you can decide how you are going to respond to them.

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What services do you offer?

We offer a selection of one-to-one consultations in person or by phone or Skype and a range of astrology reports. For details about these services see the Consultations and Reports sections.

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What do I need to provide you with for a consultation or a report?

All we need is your date of birth, time of birth and town and country of birth.

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What if I don't know my birth time?

We offer a free birth time rectification service on consultations if necessary. Please contact us (by phone or via our Contact page) before ordering a consultation to discuss rectification if you are unsure of your birth time. In order to rectify your birth time you will need to give us a number of important events and their dates from your life (the more the better) so that we can calculate the birth time that made these events possible. Events that can help us to fine-tune the birth time include: dates of marriage, divorce, stresses in relationships, birth of children, death in the family, change of location or vocation, illness, surgery, travel etc., and anything that has made an impact on you.

We do not offer a rectification service for report orders. When ordering a report, please indicate the accuracy of the birth time to the best of your knowledge. For unknown birth times we will use a sunrise chart and for birth times known to within a few hours or less, we will use a half-way time; e.g. if you say your birth time is between 2pm and 3pm, we will use 2.30pm.

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Can I ask questions during the consultation?

Yes, absolutely; we encourage a free and open dialogue.

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If the consultation is conducted by phone, who pays for the call?

We do (for landline calls but not cell-phones). We will ask you for your phone number when we contact you to make the consultation appointment. We will then call you at the agreed appointment time.

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How do I pay for my consultation or report?

You can purchase a consultation or report from this website by VISA or Mastercard, or you can contact us directly by phone or email to discuss other payment methods.

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In which currencies can I make payment?

You can choose to pay in either US Dollars or NZ Dollars.

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How do I determine what the price of a consultation or report will be in my own currency?

You can check the current exchange rate between your currency and the US dollar amount by clicking on the "check the price in your currency" link on the ordering page.

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How long should I expect to wait for my consultation appointment or report?

As a general rule allow up to two weeks for a consultation appointment and up to 48 hours for delivery of a report.

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What happens if the astrologer is away or unable to process my order immediately?

We will make every effort to process your order as soon as possible, but because each order is processed by hand and not automated there may be the rare occasion when a quick delivery is not possible. If there is an unexpected interruption to our service or the astrologer's normal routine you will be given notice of any potential delay and given the option to cancel your order if desired.

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After placing my order, I discover that I've given you the wrong birth information, what can I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible via our Contact page explaining the error. If we haven't started work on your order the situation can be dealt with easily. However, if the pre-consultation preparatory work or report has already been completed there is nothing that can be done. Please understand it is your responsibility to provide correct data when placing your order.

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Do you give discounts, e.g. for students or people on low incomes?

Sorry no. You will find that our fees are very competitive.