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Default-largeOur reports are personally prepared for you by one of our experienced professional astrologers, Hamish Saunders or Angela Thomas. You will find these reports easy to read and straight to the point.

Your report will be emailed to you as a PDF. (As each report is manually prepared, please allow up to 48 hours for delivery.)

We have a selection of reports to meet your needs.

The Natal Report

An in-depth look at your character and life-trends. By having this chart drawn up you will learn about yourself and your purpose in life.
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The Annual Forecast Report

A look at your coming year based on the major transits to your natal planets and houses. This report is very useful for planning ahead and for knowing when to take advantage of favourable planetary influences. 
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The Daily Forecast Report

A look at your daily transits for the next 3 months. See the influence of the planets in your life from one day to the next.
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The Relationship Report 

An insightful look at the areas of compatibility between you and your partner. The report will reveal the dynamics that exist between you, including potential problem areas and opportunities for mutual growth and transformation. 
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The Child Report

A detailed look at your child's character and behavioural patterns. By having this chart drawn up you will learn about his or her personality and life-trends. 
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The Astro-Locality Report

Provides a guide to your best places in the world for romance, work, career, financial opportunities, happiness and more. It is based on the technique of Astro*Carto*Graphy ™ popularised by Jim Lewis.
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