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I first met Hamish by 'chance', in the early 80's. He has been reading for me ever since. In these readings he combines an easy, yet passionate energy, with a fine accuracy. This is very satisfying to experience.


I have known Hamish Saunders and Astrology House for many years - since they started in the early 1980s. I have received very good direction from Hamish over the years and I recommend him to anyone interested in having an astrological consultation. I've sent (and even paid for) heaps of people to go and see him. I have never heard any negative assessment of his capabilities - only positive outcomes. My daughter and a number of other close people are always hassling me to arrange a consultation for them. They are always keen to go back because they get so much from the consultations. I think Astrology House and Hamish Saunders are outstanding! I highly recommend them.


Astrology House and Hamish have been in my life for 25 years! I always get an Annual Report and the best thing about Hamish is his calm and very accurate interpretation on timings (particularly in business and important decisions). He has also been available to give extra time and opinions during the year. I have recommended many of my friends to Hamish and everyone is always impressed. I am very happy to be contacted as a referee.



Thank you Astrology House for the astrological charts and advice spread over the last 30 or more years of my involvement with your team. I have appreciated the astrological reflections back of the prevailing personal conditions which have influenced my life over this period of time. I have found the prevailing conditions accurate and confirmed in retrospect. In particular the Saturn influences of which I am most respectful. I have also found confirmation in the involvement of influences from the environment over which one has no control. These also have resonated with the timing of astrological influences in that "the environment tells you at any given time what you need to know" CJ Jung.

I value and appreciate our ongoing association and do not hesitate to recommend your interpretations and the wisdom behind the words. These years associated with Astrology House have increased my self-understanding in many ways and most importantly have aided my awareness of life's rhythms.

WENDY C. Auckland NZ

Dear Hamish

I am writing to thank you for the excellent, professional service which I received from you. It is doubtful that I have made a better investment than using your services. As a student of philosophy and self-knowledge for many years I considered I knew myself pretty well and, where "I was coming from." The revelations uncovered during the consultation and in your comprehensive report proved how little I understood myself. It also provided insight into the duality we all have in our personalities. The report clearly detailed the reasons behind the way I have operated in the past, both beneficial and to my disadvantage. I have to say I am still in a bit of a state of shock having gained this insight into my personality. Fortunately there are lots of positive aspects and, I now have a report to remind me at times in the future when life starts to appear to be "going off the rails."

Once again my most sincere thanks.


Dear Hamish

The reports you have provided over the years have always been highly accurate, and the discussions we've had have given me the confidence to trust my intuitions more and more. One of the things I find so useful is that the forecasts greatly assist me in planning my year, and the forecasts for my son have really helped me to understand what he is dealing with, and I can support him so much better. I really value our chats, and the wise readings you share with me. It's like I'm talking to a very old friend who knows me very, very well. So, many thanks once again for our latest forecasts.


The consultations have been extremely insightful and beneficial to making sense of life's complexity.  Would highly recommend their services as it is extremely clarifying and good for peace of mind.


Hi Hamish,

We have known each other for about 13 years. It started with an interpretation of my natal chart in the 90s, followed by annual consultations with you since then. I want to say thank you and to express my gratitude for your excellent astrological guidance and advice you have given to me in difficult life situations for over a decade now. I appreciate your help very much, and I am always impressed with the accuracy of your astrological interpretations. As a very sensitive, calm and attentive counsellor it is your special gift to disentangle and clarify personal problems by analysing the transiting planets and their special aspects to the client's natal chart.

Every year I ask you to calculate the most favourable flying dates for my trip to Europe. In doing so you have helped me immensely in overcoming my phobia about flying in a plane. Since that time my flights have been pleasant, without delay or emergency. A very exciting flight was the one on 7 Dec 2009 from Auckland to Melbourne when I happened to meet the Dalai Lama on the plane and could talk to him. He held my hand in his. It was an amazing experience. In 2002 I was very scared about my eye-operations, but you found the favourable dates and the surgery went well. At the moment I am about to move my household in a container from Germany to New Zealand. It is such a relief to have your dates especially calculated for this event.

Thank you so much!


Dear Hamish

Many thanks for my Natal Chart and 12 month forecast. I found it thought-provoking and it seemed to put everything in perspective. I should have had it done a long time ago. At long last, I recognised myself!! I found the chart so accurate and incisive. Also, loved the CD of our phone consultation; it feels very personal and immediate.

ANNE, Saudi Arabia

Dear Hamish

Thank you for the substantial report and CD of our consultation which arrived so promptly. I have found it all very interesting and relevant. I am planning to spend more time studying it properly.