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Dear Hamish

Thank you for preparing an astrological chart for me. Having read it, I am pleased to have the information. The biggest surprise was seeing myself on almost every page. How come you know so much about me!! I would be very interested in having a chart prepared for my husband and two adult children. Thank you again for preparing my natal chart - I will keep it forever! 


Dear Angela

Thanks very much for Jude's fantastic Child Report. Now both my husband and I can understand where and why his constant "ants-in-his-pants" and incessant chatter and questions come from! The report also accurately points to his early grasp of learning numbers and alphabets, and his talent for drawing too. 

CORNELIA, Australia

Many thanks for the Natal Report you did for Richard. He is more than impressed with it and let me read it on the way home from Auckland. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. It answers a lot of the questions and "whys" I have about him :-)


Thank you for being so prompt with my report. It has been quite enlightening and confirms many thoughts I have had about myself over the years. You are correct when you state that I like to be involved with new technology. I work in the Electrical Maintenance Industry and have worked as an engineer and with computers in one form or another.


Some years ago I had my Natal Report prepared by Astrology House and was astonished about it - in a positive way. It helped me a great deal to understand things better, especially myself. Now I would like to get information about the next twelve months ahead as I have some important decisions to make regarding my career.