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East Point

The East Point is the point where the Eastern Horizon intersects the Prime Vertical (a Great Circle passing through the Zenith and the Nadir of the Place) and the Celestial Equator (a Great Circle corresponding to the Earth's Equator projected onto the Celestial sphere.) The East Point plays a prominent role in how a person projects themselves to others.

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The Ecliptic is the Sun's apparent path around the earth forming a Great Circle on the Celestial Sphere. This circle is divided into 12 signs (30 degrees per sign) starting at 0 degrees Aries in the Tropical Zodiac which is defined by the position of the Sun at the Vernal Equinox which occurs around 21 March each year.

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Electional Astrology

A branch of astrology concerned with ascertaining the most auspicious time to begin something, such as starting a business, getting married, travelling, signing contracts, etc.

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Elevated Planet

A planet is said to be elevated when it is high in the chart, above the horizon. The most elevated planets are those which are closest to the Midheaven. Elevated planets are considered to be strong.

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Equatorial Ascendant

The Equatorial Ascendant is the point where the Polar Axis (great circle) intersects the Ecliptic in the east. The Polar Axis passes through the North and South Celestial Poles.

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The Equinoxes are the two instances in the year when day and night are of equal length. They occur when the Sun crosses the equator during its apparent path along the Ecliptic, moving North to South and South to North. The moment the Sun crosses the equator from South to North is the start of the astrological year, with the entry of the Sun in the Tropical sign of Aries.

Sun enters On or near Date Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Aries 21 March Spring Equinox Autumn Equinox
Libra 22 September Autumn Equinox Spring Equinox

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Essential Dignity

A scoring method for determining the strength and quality of a planet through its position in the zodiac. There are five levels of Essential Dignity. In order of importance they are: Rulership (5 points), Exaltation (4 points), Triplicity (3 points), Term (2 points) & Face/Decan (1 point). A planet with Essential Dignity, by virtue of its zodiacal position, is able to function at its best. The more dignity it has the more effective it is.

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One of the five levels of Essential Dignity. A planet in a sign where it holds exaltation is said to have substantial power. In its sign of exaltation, a planet is likened to an honoured guest. It has temporary but powerful influence in the sign. The power of an exalted planet is about 75% of the planet's strength. The signs which have exalted planets are:

Sign Exalted Planet
Aries Sun
Taurus Moon
Cancer Jupiter
Virgo Mercury
Libra Saturn
Capricorn Mars
Pisces Venus