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Galactic Centre

The centre of gravity of our Milky Way Galaxy is called the Galactic Centre. The Sun and stars in the Milky Way galaxy all revolve around this point.

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3rd Sign of the Zodiac.
Glyph Gemini
Key Word: I THINK.
Gender: Masculine
Polarity: Positive
Sun travels through it: 21 May to 22 June
Mode (Quality): Mutable
Element: Air
Planetary ruler: Mercury
Exalted ruler: None
Part of the body: Shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins. Words descriptive of Gemini are: versatile, curious, loves change and variety, witty, intelligent, restless, superficial, dualistic, scattered, fluctuating inclinations.

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Geocentric means viewed from the centre of the earth. The Geocentric co-ordinate system is the most commonly used system in astrology.

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Geocentric & Geographic Latitude

Geocentric latitude is measured relative to the plane of the horizon and the equator and is the angle between the equator and a radius from the centre of the Earth.

Geographic latitude (the latitude you get from an atlas) is modified to allow for the Earth's slightly flattened poles and bulge at the equator.

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Geodetic Houses

Geodetic means Earth based. Geodetic houses are linked solely to a place on the Earth's surface instead of the usual date, time and place of birth.

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Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 by the Roman Catholic Church to replace the previously used Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar (GC) incorporated the use of leap years so the vernal equinox would continue to fall on the same date over long time periods. The new calendar was immediately adopted in all Roman Catholic countries; however the rest of the world was slow to accept it.