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The malefic planets are Mars and Saturn. The Waning Moon (decreasing in light) is considered to be Malefic. In traditional astrology these planets produce a negative influence.

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Symbol Mars
Rules: CancerAries and Scorpio
Gender: Masculine
Metal: Iron
Color: Red

The male principle; the fighter, the bearer of arms; aggression, competiveness, self-assertion, effort, survival instinct; energy, arousal, sex-drive, physical activity; ruthlessness, brutality, destructiveness; the warrior, athlete, physical worker, surgeon. It rules body heat, fevers, the muscles, sex functions, operations, abrasions and burns.

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Symbol Mercury
Rules: Gemini and Virgo.
Gender: -
Metal: Mercury
Color: Changeable

The messenger: the conveyer of information, the intellect, the ability to grasp and understand a subject, analysis, reason, mediation; the "trickster", young people, students, teachers, the academia, transport, flight, the communication industry. It rules the nervous system and the speech and hearing organs.

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The Midheaven, also called the Medium Coeli (MC), is the point where the Upper Meridian intersects the Ecliptic. It is opposite the Imum Coeli (IC). In most house systems the Midheaven forms the 10th House Cusp. In interpretation, it is the aim of life: personal goals and aspirations; personal status as perceived by the world, the personal achievements others recognise; career, vocation and personal calling; self-realisation, the state of individuation, the process of becoming; Ego-conscious awareness.

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Midpoint Trees

Midpoint trees display, in diagrammatical form, the list of midpoints connected, by aspect, to a planet within a selected orb.

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A Midpoint (or halfsum) is the halfway point between two planets, usually measured in longitude. A midpoint is considered to be a sensitive point, and its interpretation is based on the combined energies of the planets involved, much like an interpretation of planets in aspect.

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In classical astrology, a planet is considered to have an orb of influence, much like an aura around itself. There are no fixed opinions as to the size of the orbs around each planet, but typically they range, as in the case of the Sun from 12° to 17°. The moiety is half this orb and extends an equal distance before the planet and after it. If the moiety of one planet overlaps the moiety of another, by conjunction or Ptolemaic aspect, they are considered to be in aspect. A further qualification is that planets are given moieties and aspects are given zero orbs in themselves.

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Symbol Moon
Rules: Cancer.
Gender: Feminine
Metal: Silver
Color: Silver

The female principle: soul, womanhood, the mother, the womb, family, roots; memory, unconsciousness, instinctual behaviour patterns, habits, moods, emotions, changeableness, sense of form; the general public and nation. It rules fertility, the menstrual cycle, bodily fluids and food digestion. The Moon governs night.

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Mundane Aspect

Is an aspect in the Equatorial Co-ordinate System using degrees of Right Ascension (along the Celestial Equator). Mundane aspects are also referred to as Aspects in Mundo (in the World).

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Mutual Reception

Mutual Reception is the name given to the relationship between two planets where the Ruler of the first planet (by ruler or exaltation) is the same as the second planet, and the Ruler of the second planet (by domicile or exaltation) is the same as the first planet. Note: to qualify as Mutual Reception, the planets involved must also be in Ptolemaic aspect to one another. Planets in Mutual Reception can be read as if they are in their own dignity.

Mars in Libra at 10 degrees. Ruler of Libra is Venus.
Venus in Aries at 15 degrees. Ruler of Aries is Mars.
The Mars and Venus are forming an opposition aspect and are in Mutual Reception by ruler.