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The Nadir is the lowest point directly below the Earth, and is the South Pole of the Horizon System. The Nadir is opposite the Zenith.

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The Sun's mean rate of travel along the ecliptic is 59 minutes 8.33 seconds (0.985648 degrees) of arc per day. This is called the Naibod rate.

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Symbol Neptune
Rules: Pisces
Gender: -
Metal: Neptunium
Color: Gentle colors, Blues, Greens

The unfathomable: the perfect ideal, escape from reality, the ultimate reality; dreams, hopes, wishes, fantasies and imaginings; inspiration, imagination, spiritual insight; compassion, universal love; religious ecstasy, theatre; illusion, deception, fraud, addiction, intoxicants. It rules spiritual teachers, artists, mediums and tricksters; the pineal gland (Third eye).

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NGC Number

NGC = New General Catalogue.

This catalogue assigns a number to each celestial object.

Example: Sirius has the NGC number 8833.

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Nocturnal birth

Nocturnal means Night Time birth. In a nocturnal chart the Sun is below the horizon, in houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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North Point / South Point

The Geocentric Horizon (a Great Circle parallel to the apparent horizon but passing through the centre of the Earth) intersects the Meridian (a Great Circle perpendicular to the horizon passing through the Zenith and the Nadir) at both the North Point and the South Point. The South Point is opposite the North Point. In the Horizon System, Azimuth is commonly measured clockwise from the North Point toward the East along the plane of the local horizon.