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Velocity refers to the instantaneous speed of a planet or point along the path of the ecliptic and is expressed in degrees per day. A planet in direct motion will have a positive velocity while a retrograde planet will have a negative velocity.

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Symbol Venus
Rules: Taurus and Libra
Gender: Feminine
Metal: Copper
Color: Blue/Green

The feminine principle: the power of attraction, the ability to unify; to recognise and form relationships; sense of beauty, love, romance, art, aesthetics, pleasures, sexual aberration, lack of good taste, vice; young women, daughter, temptress, mistress. It rules the glandular functions, hormonal secretions and the kidneys.

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Vernal Point / Aries Point

The Vernal Point is 0 Aries in the Tropical Zodiac, and is an important point used in Uranian astrology. It is used in interpretation to ascertain the native's relationship with the wider world.

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The Vertex is the intersection of the Ecliptic with Western Prime Vertical.

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Via Combusta

The fiery way. The area of the zodiac between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio. Considered to be an unfortunate zone of the zodiac, and associated with danger. In horary astrology, it is unwise to read the chart while the Moon is in the Via Combusta.

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6th Sign of the Zodiac.
Glyph Virgo
Key Word: I ANALYSE.
Gender: Feminine
Polarity: Negative
Sun travels through it: 24 August to 23 September
Mode (Quality): Mutable
Element: Earth
Planetary ruler: Mercury
Exalted ruler: Mercury
Part of the body: Kidneys.

The symbol for Virgo is the virgin. Words descriptive of Virgo are: methodical, diligent, practical, attention to detail, analytical ability, a strong critical faculty, picky, the tendency to nag or find fault, build-ups of nervous energy.

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Void of Course Moon

The VOC Moon is used in Electional and Horary Charts. The Moon is Void of Course if it does not form a major aspect to another planet before it leaves the sign it occupies. A VOC Moon in a horary chart suggests that the matter will come to nothing.

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Vulcan is an intra-Mercurial planet orbiting the Sun every 18.6 days. The nature of Vulcan is combustible, fiery, explosive, and ethereal. Vulcan rules wind conditions, gases, gas-producing combustible materials like petrol and gun-powder etc. The existence of Vulcan has never been confirmed scientifically.

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Vulkanus is one of the eight hypothetical planets (also called the Transneptunian planets or TNPs) of the Hamburg School. Vulkanus stands for great energy, power and force.