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Janus Software


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Calculate Sums (Hamburg School)

A + B, A - B, A / B, A + B - C,
(A / B) / (C / D), (A + B) / (C / D)

Calculation Range

Planets Range 7299 BC - - 12299 AD
Asteroids Range 1487 AD - - 2102 AD

Chart File Manager

Create New Files of charts
Move, copy, save, delete charts with ease
View saved chart
Deleted files sent to Windows Recycle Bin - double safe system
Fully editable Chart Names
Fully editable User Name facility
Rapid Find Chart facility
Get Chart from disk facility
Import/Export charts from other astrology software programs
Import/Export charts using text format
Search Name Fields
Search Date Fields
Search Chart Type field
Chart Database (database of famous and interesting charts supplied)
Ability to expand and edit
Access for Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank


Full boundaries of constellations
Ability to track planet through constellations

Coordinate Systems


Coordinate System Charts

Ecliptic Longitude
Equatorial Right Ascension Degrees
Equatorial Right Ascension Sidereal Time
Equatorial Hour Angle Degrees
Equatorial Hour Angle Sidereal Time
Horizon Astronomical Azimuth
Horizon Astrological Azimuth
Horizon Astrological Azimuth Map Overlay
Prime Vertical Longitude
Rationalized Semi-arc
Galactic Longitude
Invariable Plane
Coordinates Table

Copy Facilities

All lists can be copied to clipboard
Wheels/graphs/maps can be copied to clipboard
Wheels/graphs/maps can be copied to disk files

Cosmobiology Dials

User-defined single Midpoints
Use saved chart as Event Chart
Drag Transits in Cosmogram to calculate new event date
Ebertin style Cosmogram