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Janus Software


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Eclipse Charts

Ability to enter Eclipse Path details and cast Eclipse Charts
Database can hold a maximum of 3200 Solar eclipse dates, and a maximum of 3200 Lunar eclipse dates

Editable Colours

Planets, signs, aspects and wheels

Editable Fixed Star Database

Including Interpretations

Editable planet selection for

Wheels, charts and dials
Planets in radix list
Aspects in Radix List
Midpoints in Radix List
Transits in dynamic list
Progressions in dynamic list
Directions in dynamic list
Radix in dynamic list
Transits in dynamic graph
Progressions in dynamic graph
Directions in dynamic graph
Radix in dynamic graph
Primary directions
Synastry chart
Interpret chart
Astro Locality Map
Local Horizon map
Sky Map

Electional Chart Module

With unique Dignity Scoring Graph
Aspects lines on chart for easy reference
Auto Clock/Animation facility
Classical/Traditional Astrology features