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Janus Software


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Charts from other astrology software programs
Charts using Janus3 ASCII text data format

Interpretation Texts

View Natal Interpretation - and Astrolocality interpretations on Janus screen or in word processor

Customise and edit main interpretation files included with Janus, to suit your own style

Export the interpretations to a word-processor for printing

Natal interpretations are included for:

Planets in Signs
Planets in Houses
Signs on House Cusps
House Rulers in Houses
Planetary Aspects
Qualities & Elements

Dynamic interpretations are included for:

Inner and outer transiting planets to radix planets and points
Inner and outer transiting planets through the Houses

Astro Locality Maps with Pop-up interpretations for:

Planets on Angles
Planetary crossings

Three Natal Chart Layouts:

Including ability to select Modern, Traditional & Almuten/Almutem Rulerships for House

Blank interpretation files have been created for you to compose your own texts for:

Synastry Chart Interpretations - user created
Midpoints Interpretations - user created
Sabian Symbols Interpretations - user created
Transit Interpretations - user can edit
Fixed Stars Interpretations -user can edit
Paran Interpretations - user can edit
User has ability to print interpretation reports in colour or black & white, and to choose between displaying glyphs or text for planets and signs in reports
Compose and Enter Interpretations
Set and Save Interpretation Preferences
Export Interpretation texts
Ability to colour code printed text