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Janus Software


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Single Wheel Aspect Patterns

Symbols ON/OFF feature
Aspects to the ASC & MC ON/OFF feature

Sky Map

Advanced capabilities not found in any other astrological software
Auto and Manual Animation
Constellation Boundaries
Track a moving planet through the constellations
Star information & interpretations of Fixed Stars
Display: Ecliptic, Celestial Equator, Horizon & Prime Vertical; Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac; Stars; Sunlight, Moonlight, Zodiac Signs, Co-ordinate Grid
Search for Planets, Stars or Constellations
Set user-defined colours
Zoom in and rotate map
Change date within the module
Get a new chart from within the module

Solar Eclipse Maps

Date range 1900 - 2100

Sort Charts

By name, type, date, co-ordinate system


Aspect grid
Aspect listing
Midpoint listing
User create interpretations