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what's in janus 4? | full features | screenshots

what's in janus 4?

Janus 4.3 has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. It also has specialist modules for Cosmobiology, Uranian Astrology, Horary, Electional and Medieval Astrology.

While Janus has been designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers, beginners, too, will find it has much to offer. It combines user-friendliness and technical precision with the most extensive list of features found in any astrology program. And, regardless of your level of astrological or computer ability, you will find Janus easy to use.

What's new in Janus 4.3?

  • New look screens
  • Swiss Ephemeris calculations
  • Temporary charts listed on main screen
  • Multi-select get or delete charts  
  • Large selection of wheels and dials to display on main screen
  • Beautiful and comprehensive astro-mapping module 
  • User-editable natal, transit, progression, synastry, relocation and child profile interpretation reports available in UK or US English 
  • Midpoint interpretations
  • Advanced transit, progression and direction calculation options, including pop-up chart wheels and new Timeline
  • Page forward and back graphic ephemeris 
  • Comprehensive search module for researchers
  • Additional traditional astrology techniques
  • Aspect Perfection Sequence in Horary, Electional and Medieval modules
  • Calculate 1000 + asteroids and list by position, aspect and midpoint
  • Western sidereal techniques, including Octoscope and Progressed Solar Return
  • Generate Tables of Houses lists

Included below are some of Janus 4's key features. For the full list of Janus' features see our Full Features section. Also, you may find it helpful to view the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with any of the astrological terms listed.

Key Features:

Essential Calculation Functions

Janus has all of the standard calculation features that you expect to find in a top-of-the-line astrology program, including single, bi-, tri-, and quad- wheels; natal, return, progressed, directed, composite, Davison, coalescent, relocated, and harmonic charts; synastry grid and wheels; lists of natal aspects (including true body aspects), inter-aspects, Arabic Parts, fixed stars; rising/MC/IC/setting times, midpoints, and complete transit/progressed/directed hit lists including stations, Void of Course Moon, eclipses, entering and leaving times, lunar phases, and ingresses.

Calculation Range

From 5400 BC to 5400 AD for the planets, and from 1487 AD to 2102 AD for the asteroids and Chiron.

Interpretation Texts

You can process and print or email as attachments personalised astrology reports for yourself, family, friends and clients. The program comes with interpretation texts for natal charts, transit and progression reports, synastry reports, relocation reports and astromapping, all of which you can edit if desired. In addition, there are interpretations for midpoints and fixed stars. Natal reports can be created for male and female children. You can choose between UK and US English text for all interpretation texts.


Janus has an accurate and comprehensive atlas complete with time change files. With over 250,000 locations listed you can confidently calculate charts for most places in the world. You can easily add towns and cities to the database.

Import/Export Charts with other Astrology Programs

Janus 2, Janus 3, AstroDatabank, Matrix, Solar Fire & Kepler (via Quick*Charts file format), AstroCalc (Import only)


For finding the best places in the world to live, have a holiday, study or find a partner, try Janus' Astrolocality module. This module includes Astro*Carto*Graphy™, Cyclo*Carto*Graphy™, Local Space™, Geodetic and Solar Eclipse path maps. There are interpretations of planetary lines, aspects, midpoints and planetary crossings. You can move the maps, zoom in and out, add cities, change colors and generate relocation reports.

Add Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Maintain a database of solar and lunar eclipse dates to cast an eclipse chart. The database can hold a maximum of 3200 solar eclipse dates, and a maximum of 3200 lunar eclipse dates. Choose maximum eclipse or Sun conjunct/opposition Moon timing.

Rectification Tools

Janus 4 has four rectification assist modules. The Single Wheel module enables you to move the positions of the planets and points by time or degrees. You can drag and drop the positions of the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun and Moon. The Quad Wheel displays transits, directions and progressions concentrically placed around the natal chart. You can shift the birth time forward or backwards by any time increment very easily to see changes in the four wheels. You can also rectify the chart in the Astrololocality and Primary Directions modules.


Many Janus 4 modules offer animation, including the Single, Bi, Tri and Quad Wheels, and the Uranian, Dynamic Quad, Skymap, Horary, Electional, Medieval and Astrolocality modules.

Fixed Stars

Janus has detailed information on Fixed Stars. It includes the apparent magnitude to decimal points, the constellation it belongs to, spectral class, NGC number, Right Ascension and Declination according to the chart date, star rise, setting and culminations, their Ptolemaic natures various sorting options and interpretations that you can edit.

Calculation Lists

Janus gives a numerous selection of calculation lists. E.g. Void of Course Moon, midpoints, Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable Midpoint Lists (CFM Sorts), exact planetary positions in longitude, Right Ascension, declination, latitude, azimuth etc., Ephemeris Generator, Planetary Nodes (Mean) positions, transits, stations etc. See the Full Features section for all of Janus' list features.

Wheel Designer

Design your own wheels, or re-design the wheels included in this module. Includes Standard House wheels, Euro style wheels, Aries wheel, and a selection of wheels suitable for Desk Top Publishing (i.e. with the birth data in centre of wheels). Easy and fun to use.

Page Designer

Design your own presentation chart pages, with or without page borders. A variety of presentation chart pages are included for printing. You can include any of the following on your chart pages: wheel, chart details, planet positions box, wheel aspects, aspect grid, midpoints, midpoint trees, aspects to fixed stars, aspects to Arabic Parts, Qualities & Elements grid, Planet & Sign symbols, Planet Strip, House Cusp box, Technical Details box, Source Data box and Compliments box.

Print Presentation Charts

Here you can print high quality presentation charts, which have been created in the Page Designer Module. Included are single wheels, wheels and grids, multiple wheels, with and without page borders. You can also select different charts (up to ten at a time) for multi-chart pages, e.g. using different people's charts and/or dynamic charts like returns, composites, etc. that you've calculated. You can change the aspect set, turn on or off aspect lines and symbols, and apply an orb percentage to the lines, which means that you can precisely control what aspects are shown.

Horary Module

Preferred by many leading horary astrologers, Janus' horary astrology module has a wide range of options. On the screen you can view the chart and a 30 degree horizontal planet strip. You can turn the chart to place any house at the 1st house position, read considerations before judgement and view the essential dignities and the planetary hour and day. It is possible to change the horary parameters, including the moieties of the planets and select Triplicity, Term and Decan rulers. Also listed are contacts to fixed stars and Arabic Parts.

Electional Module

This screen enables you to select the best astrological conditions for starting new projects or picking the best time and day to carry out a particular activity, such as getting married, moving house etc. It includes a unique Dignity Scoring Graph that updates on screen as you change the date or time, an aspect table incorporating the moieties of the planets and the Moon's position in Lunar Mansions.

Medieval Astrology Module

Janus is the astrology software of choice among astrologers using medieval astrology techniques. Exclusive to Janus are specialist medieval astrology techniques taught by Robert Zoller, the acknowledged authority in the field. In particular are his calculations of the Hyleg as per Ptolemy and Bonatti, the Professional Significators and Professional Significator almutem, the Financial Significator, Part of Marriage - Male & Female and the House of Marriage Almutem - male. The module also calculates 120 year Firdaria tables, profections, almutens of dispositors, aspects of planets according to their moieties, essential dignities, Arabic Parts, mutual reception, hayz, house almutens and the Almutem Figuris. New in Janus 4 is the ability to enter a date for profections, directing by terms and temperaments.


This is a fully featured graphical representation of the heavens. It has user definable options for including or excluding constellations, planets, great circles and so on. You can also replicate your own particular sky at night. Colour changes imitate day, night and twilight. Under 'Star Info' you'll find all the astronomical information you require. You can also the watch the planets move through the constellations with the animation function.

Uranian, Hamburg School & Cosmobiology capabilities.

This is one of Janus' specialist features, designed to meet the requirements of the Hamburg School and Uranian Astrology. You can scale and print a dial to your own specifications; select up to 22 dials ranging from H1 (360°) to H512 (0° 42' 11.25"), including 15°, 30° & 60°; and add midpoints, LM, LA & Sun Formulas to dials and the Uranian style Graphic Ephemeris. In addition you can add Quarter & Eighth Moon Phases, Progressed, Directed and transiting planets & midpoints to the graph. You also have the ability to calculate Sums: A + B, A - B, A / B, A + B - C, (A / B) / (C / D), (A + B) / (C / D). With the flexible dials you can drag the dial pointer and transits to calculate new event dates. The Solar Arc Event range in the Uranian dial is +/- 3000 years. Import a saved event chart into the Dynamic Quad and Uranian modules. This feature is useful for checking an event against several radix charts. For example you could compare a bride's experience of her wedding date with the groom's experience of the same event.

Comprehensive Desktop Publishing Capabilities

You can copy wheels, square charts, maps, graphs and pages to the clipboard, or save them as Windows Metafiles for pasting into word-processors and publishing programs.

Re-sizable Windows

Nearly all windows in Janus are able to be maximised to full screen, minimised or re-sized. Consequently, you can have several screens and modules open simultaneously. For example, you could display a wheel, Astrolocality map, graph and horary chart on your desktop all at the same time.

Windows Help

Comprehensive, accessible and carefully indexed.

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