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Janus Software


Main Screen

The opening screen of Janus 4. Initially, displays current chart for date, time and place of user's location. Charts cast or retrieved from file are displayed here.

ALM Zoom

A zoomed in screenshot of the AstroLocality map. The AstroLocality map incorporates the astro-mapping systems of A*C*G ™ and Local Space™. This screenshot displays the positions that the planets rise, set, culminate and anti-culminate for a localised area. You can also add midpoint and aspect lines to the map.

ALM Day/Night Shading

A zoomed in screenshot of the AstroLocality map displaying the East Coast of North America at sunrise.

Relocation Report

Select any location on the Earth's surface and create a Relocation Interpretation Report incorporating A*C*G™ and Local Space™ mapping techniques.

Relocation Interpretation

View a Relocation Report on screen or export to a word-processor for printing or emailing. .

Multiple Solar Eclipse Paths

View multiple solar eclipse paths. Calculate eclipse paths from 1900 AD to 2100 AD.

45 Degree Graph

Also known as the Graphic Ephemeris. Popularised by Reinhold Ebertin, the 45 degree graph (8th harmonic) displays the movements of the planets over a pre-selected time period, and their relationship to the natal planets. You can also calculate graphs in a number of other harmonics.


The Uranian dial displays around a natal chart the directed and transit positions of the planets for a particular date, time and place. Click on the animation button and watch the planets move in real time. Display midpoints with the dial pointer and specialist Uranian Astrology features.

Natal Report

Janus has a number of interpretation modules. The Natal report module has several different formats to choose from that you can print out for family, friends and clients. You can also edit the interpretation texts and save them to file.

Midpoint Report

Janus has midpoint interpretations for Natal, Dynamic and Synastry reports.

Search Module

Janus has a comprehensive Search/Research module. Find chart factors matching selected criteria.