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Janus 3.0 Update 6 March 2007

Download & Installation Instructions

  • Size 27 MB
  • Filename: J30UD060307.EXE
  • Type: Self-extracting Zip file
  • (75-120 minutes download time on 56k modem)

NB: Please print this page before downloading the update.

This update is free to registered users of Janus 3.0 Astrology Software, and supersedes all previous updates.

Download Janus 3 Update J30UD060307.EXE

Important Notice:

Fix # 21: Clipboard function compatibility with Windows XP. This fix required redesigning the Janus Page Designer module. Consequently, users who have created custom Print Chart pages will lose their designed pages with this download. We regret that this is unavoidable and regret any inconvenience.

Fix # 24: Reported longitude positions are now rounded down to the minute. Janus now rounds down instead of up or down to the nearest minute. This modification has been made to accord with traditional methods of longitudinal calculation practices.

It fixes the following:

  1. Casting a Relocated Chart.
  2. Leaving the LA & LM turned on in the Cosmogram.
  3. Entering an invalid date in the Advanced Rectification module.
  4. House description in Arc Transform Chart.
  5. Planetary positions in collated transits printout.
  6. House position lines in declination graph printout.
  7. Heliocentric option in graphic ephemeris.
  8. Radix name, date, time and Rodden Rating in dynamic quad wheel and cosmogram printouts.
  9. Month contains invalid characters when a language other than English is selected in Windows Regional Settings.
  10. Cast Eclipse Chart date selection.
  11. Midpoint selection for List Planetary Cycles, Declination Graph, Transit Graph, Uranian Graph and Transit Lists.
  12. Transiting midpoint dates in Transit Lists.
  13. Refresh midpoint tree when click 'Move Pointer' button in Calculate a Sum frame in the Cosmogram.
  14. Generate Transit Report using midpoint words option.
  15. Financial Significator in Traditional Chart.
  16. Sidereal Sun rise/set in Page Designer and Print Chart.
  17. Converse transit to radix dates.
  18. Improved outer planet disk ephemerides accuracy for ancient dates.
  19. Mutable zodiac positions in CFM sort printout.
  20. Revised international atlas time change history.
  21. Page Designer and Print Chart clipboard for XP. If you have created any custom designed pages, you will need to re-create them after installing this update.
  22. Window layouts now take Title Bar height into account.
  23. Converse Progressed Ascendant and Midheaven for progressed MC methods 1 Deg/Year, Mean SA in longitude and mean SA in RA.
  24. Reported longitude positions are now rounded down to the minute.
  25. Whole Signs house system in sidereal zodiac.
  26. Final dispositor in Traditional Chart module.
  27. Progressed stations in transit list.
  28. Transit to transit hits in transit list.
  29. Ascendant and Midheaven in signs and first chart's planets in second chart's houses in Synastry report.
  30. Julian calendar dates in Edit Eclipse Chart dates.
  31. VOC Moon calculation now uses transits in Traditional Chart, Electional and Horary modules.
  32. Hyleg calculation fixed when modern planets turned on in Traditional Chart module.
  33. Moon's aspects listing now calculated using transits in Electional and Horary modules.
  34. Correct use of almutem and almuten now fixed in Traditional Chart and Natal Chart report.
  35. Planetary hours now added to Traditional Chart module.
  36. Antiscia, declination, velocity and Fast/Slow added to dignity table in Traditional module.
  37. Julian Day and DeltaT format corrected in Page Designer and Print Chart modules for Regional Settings other than English.
  38. Planetary day calculation.
  39. Print list of Fixed Stars.
  40. Traditional Chart planet moieties have been changed to
    Sun 7.5 degrees
    Moon 6 degrees
    Mercury 3.5 degrees
    Venus 3.5 degrees
    Mars 4 degrees
    Jupiter 4.5 degrees
    Saturn 4.5 degrees
  41. Error message when mouse pointer passes over zero aries boundary on Sky Map.
  42. Reported AD/BC date and Calendar system for Progressed Chart.
  43. Professional significator almuten in Traditional Chart.
  44. Sidereal zodiac VOC Moon in Traditional Chart.
  45. Time frame limit removed when calculating the Angles and Moon in Generate Ephemeris.
  46. Invalid column error fixed in Generate Ephemeris.
  47. Cast a Lunar Phase Chart preview now reads time zone.
  48. American date format in Sky Map.
  49. Get settings in Generate Ephemeris when window is maximised.
  50. Get settings in Planetary Cycles when window is maximised.
  51. Degree scale in Uranian Graph for high harmonic numbers.
  52. Planet positions in Alternate Coordinate Systems Wheel for systems other than ecliptic when window opens.
  53. Revised time change history files.


A. Before Downloading the Update file

Please create a new folder on your computer.

To do this:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Highlight the Drive you wish to add the folder to, typically the C Drive
  3. Click File, then New and then Folder
  4. Name the folder. E.g. "Downloads"
  5. Close Windows Explorer

B. Download the Update file

Download: J30UD060307.EXE

Internet Explorer users select "Save this program to disk" option and select folder you wish to put the download file in.

Netscape users click "Save File" button and select folder you wish to put the download file in.

The file will now begin to download.

After the download has finished (usually takes 75-120 minutes) close your Internet browser (i.e. go off-line), and then close all other applications/programs that may be running.

C. Installing the Update

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Select the folder you have downloaded the file into.
  3. Double click on the file J30UD060307.EXE to start the installation.
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  5. The first message will inform you that this update only works if you already have the registered version of Janus 3.0 installed on your computer.
  6. Click Setup to continue, or Cancel to terminate installation.
  7. The installation files will self-extract and the Janus 3.0 Update Setup will automatically start.
  8. The next message recommends that you close any running applications/programs, if you have not already done so.
  9. Click OK to continue or Exit Setup to terminate installation.
  10. It is important that you install this Update to the same drive and path that Janus 3.0 is installed in.
  11. Click OK to continue.
  12. The next message gives you the option of changing the drive and path to where the Update should be installed. The default directory is: c:\Program Files\Janus.
  13. Click the big button to continue.
  14. The update files will be copied to your computer's hard drive.
  15. The final message will advise you that Setup was completed successfully.
  16. Click the OK button.
  17. Close Windows Explorer.
  18. Janus is now ready to use.

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