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Janus 4.3 Update

This update only applies to Janus 4.2 users who want to upgrade to Janus 4.3

If your version of Janus is 4.0 or 4.1 you MUST install the Janus 4.2 Update first.


Download & Installation Instructions

  • Size 9 MB
  • Filename: InstallJanus4P3Update.exe
  • Type: Self-extracting Zip file
  • (Approximately 2 minutes download time on broadband)

NB: Please print this page before downloading the update.


Download Janus 4.3 Update InstallJanus4P3Update.exe

The update includes the following revisions

  1. Primary Directions module. Improvements have been made to the Zodiac Placidus Semi-Arc calculation formulas. Updated help file. Correct font is now used when printing primary directions when extra points or stars are turned on. Bianchini Latitude Circle option has been added. Updated settings file. If you have saved custom settings definitions we recommend that you make a note of these settings before installing the update. After the update is installed, you will need to re-create your custom settings.
  2. Message box fixed when cast a Progressed Solar Return or Progressed Lunar Return or Progressed Solar Lunar Return Chart.
  3. Traditional Chart module. Print and copy chart to clipboard now includes Asc and Mc in the chart if they are not the 1st and 10th house cusp.
  4. Import / Export Natal Charts utility. Export to, and import from Quick Charts file format has been fixed.
  5. Color settings in the Create Wheel Bitmap Image module has been fixed.
  6. Search Module. Harmonic Aspect orb is now defined as orb divided by the harmonic number. If you have saved search definitions using harmonic aspects we recommend that you open your search file and make a note of the orbs before installing this update. After you install the update, open these files again, re-select the orb, and save the file.



A.           Before Downloading the Update file

Please create a new folder on your computer

To do this:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Highlight the Drive you wish to add the folder to, typically the C Drive
  3. Click File, then New and then Folder
  4. Name the folder. E.g. "Downloads"
  5. Close Windows Explorer

B.           Download the Update file

Download: InstallJanus4P3Update.exe

Internet Explorer users select "Save this program to disk" option and select folder you wish to put the download file in.

Netscape users click "Save File" button and select folder you wish to put the download file in.

The file will now begin to download.

After the download has finished (usually takes 2 minutes on broadband) close your Internet browser (i.e. go off-line), and then close all other applications/programs that may be running.

C.            Installing the Update

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Select the folder you have downloaded the file into.
  3. Double-click on the file InstallJanus4P3Update.exe to start the installation.
  4. Click Setup to continue, or Cancel to termination installation.
  5. The installation files will self-extract and the Janus 4.3 Update Setup will automatically start.
  6. The next message recommends that you close any running applications/programs, if you have not already done so.
  7. Click OK to continue or Exit Setup to terminate installation.
  8. Read the License Agreement and click Accept to continue or Disagree to terminate the installation.
  9. The next message gives you the option of changing the drive and path to where the update should be installed. The default directory is: c:\Program Files\Janus4. It is important that you install this Update to the same drive and path that Janus 4.2 is installed in.
  10. Click the big button to continue.
  11. The updated files will be copied to your computer's hard drive.
  12. The next message will advise you that Setup was completed successfully.
  13. Click the OK button.
  14. Janus 4.3 is now ready to use.
  15. To start Janus 4.3, go Start, Programs and click Janus 4.

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