This page contains a list of the system requirements you will need to operate JANUS 2 plus a complete list of its many features.


System requirements include:

IBM compatible PC 486 or higher. 3.5 inch floppy disk drive. 8MB RAM. SVGA 14 inch colour monitor. A mouse. 11MB free hard disk space for program installation. Additional 135MB free hard disk space required if you wish to compose and enter your own interpretations. Printer must be graphics capable and able to handle truetype fonts. Windows 95 or Windows 98.

Janus 2 Features

3D (true body) aspects and midpoints

45 degree graphs

45 degree midpoint trees

360°, 180°, 90°, 45°, 22.5° and 11.15' dials including pointer

Accuracy: Planets and angles 2 seconds and intermediate house cusps 1 minute for near.centuries

Astro Locality Maps

AD and BC dates


Alternate coordinate system charts: * ecliptic longitude * equatorial right ascension degs * equatorial right ascension sidereal time * equatorial hour angle degs * equatorial hour angle sidereal time * horizon astronomical azimuth * horizon astrological azimuth * horizon astrological ....azimuth map overlay * prime vertical longitude * rationalized semi-arc * galactic longitude ...*.invariable plane

Angles: Asc, MC, vtx, East pt, co-asc, polar asc


Applying and separating aspects

Applying and separating midpoints

Arabic Parts

Arc-transform charts

Aries wheels

Aspect lines in centre of wheel


Aspects to fixed stars

Asteroids: Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno

Auto horary clock

Azimuth charts

Azimuth tables

Bary Centre


Birth data classification* accuracy * Rodden Rating * source

Black Moon

Black Sun

Blank wheels

CFM sorts (h8 MP)

Chart file manager * Create files * Move, copy, delete charts * View Chart

Chart database

Chart filter: chart type, zodiac, MC type, coordinate system


Client notes

Coalescent chart

Combined chart types * Composite (mp of long) * Davison Relationship (mp of time and space) .* Coalescent (harmonic factor for each planet)

Compose and enter interpretations

Composite chart

Converse returns

Converse directions

Converse progressions

Coordinate systems: geocentric, topocentric, heliocentric

Coordinates table

Cosmobiology wheels

Declination tables

Davison Relationship chart

Day for a year progressions

Define default location and zone

Define aspect sets

Define planet selection for wheels, lists, graphs etc

Degree for a year directions


Directed charts

Distance values

Diurnal events

Draconic charts

Dual wheels

Dynamic hits * Planets * Midpoints * Lunar phases * Solar and Lunar eclipses * Ingresses* .Stations * Selectable time span * Selectable planets and midpoints * Selectable aspects

Dynamic quad wheel

Ebertin style cosmogram

Eclipse charts

Ecliptic longitude tables

Edit aspect sets

Edit atlas database

Edit chart name

Edit client notes

Edit colors for planets, signs, aspects

Edit current chart

Edit fixed star database including interpretations

Edit horary default parameters MC type, coordinate system

Edit planet selection for * wheels * planets in radix list * aspects in radix list * midpoints in radix .....list

Edit planet selection for * transits in dynamic list * progressions in dynamic list * directions in dynamic list * radix in dynamic list * transits in dynamic graph * progressions in dynamic graph * directions in dynamic graph * radix in dynamic graph * primary directions * synastry chart * interpret chart * Astro Locality Map * Local Horizon map * sky map

Edit preferences

Edit time changes database

Edit timezone database

Edit traditional chart default parameters

Edit user name

Entering, exact, leaving hits

Ephemeris generator

Equatorial charts

Essential dignities

Event charts

Export intrepretations

Find Chart: * Search name fields * Search date fields * Search chart type field


Fixed Star database

Fixed Star interpretations

Fixed Star positions for chart

Galactic centre

Galactic longitude charts

Geocentric coordinate system (viewed from centre of the earth)

Geocentric latitude option

Geodetic houses

Get chart from disk

Graphic ephemeris: * longitude or declination * dynamic planets and midpoints * radix planets and midpoints

Gregorian or Julian calendar system

Harmonic charts

Heliocentric coordinate system (viewed from centre of the sun)

Hit lists with lots of sort options

Horizon charts

Hour angle charts

House ingresses

House systems: * A-houses * Alchabitius declination * Alchabitius semi-arc * Axial rotation * Birthplace * Campanus * Classical * Earth * Equal 0° Libra on 1st * Equal Asc on 1st * Equal Moon on 10th * Equal Moon's Node on 1st * Equal MC on 10th * Equal Sun on 1st * Equal Sun on 4th * Horizontal * In signs * Koch * M-houses * Meridian * Moon * Morinus * Natural chart * Natural graduation * Natural hours * Nodal * Placidus * Porphry * Radiant * Regiomontanus * Sign as house * Solar * Sun * Topocentric * Whole signs * Zariel * Zenith * Equal planet on a house cusp * Equal 0° of a sign on 1st

Horary charts

Ingress charts

Inspect a chart record

Invariable plane charts

Latitude tables

Local horizon charts

Local horizon maps

Lunar eclipse charts

Lunar phase charts

Midpoint trees (h1 to h360)


Midheaven method * from sidereal time * geodetic

Minor progressions

Mixed transit, directions, progressed hits

Moon's True or Mean Node

Move charts between files

Mutual receptions

Naibod directions

Natal charts

Online help

Parallax Moon

Parallels and contra-parallels of declination in aspect grids


Part of fortune (Night & day formula/Day formula only option)

Personal Sensitive Points

Planet on angle charts ie planet on Asc or MC etc

Planet position scale (horary)

Planetary hours

Planetary ruler of day

Planetary stations

Planetary coordinates table

Planetary cycles listing

Planets, midpoints, phase angles, collated hits presentation

Planets and points: * Std: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon's Node * Angles: Asc, MC, East pt, Vtx, Co-Asc, Polar Asc * Uranian Planets * Chiron, Vulcan, Transpluto * Asteroids: Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno * Vernal point * Bary centre.* Galactic centre * Part of fortune

Plot lunar phases, new and full moons, eclipses on graphic ephemeris

Precession corrected tropical


Primary directions

Prime vertical charts

Prime vertical tables

Printouts in black and white or in color


Progressed angles * true solar arc on long * true solar arc in RA * mean solar arc in long (naibod) * mean solar arc in RA (naibod) * 1 deg per year of life * mean quotidian Q2 * apparent quotidian Q2 * neo quotidian Q1 * progressed MC of day in long

Progressed charts

Progression rates * secondary * tertiary * minor * custom rates

Q1 or Q2 quotidian


Rank of fame (Ptolemy's formula)

Rationalized semi-arc charts

Rectifiy chart (simple)

Rectify chart (advanced) using event and quad wheel

Relocation chart

Retrograde planets

Return charts * planet * midpoint * phase angle * kinetic solar * kinetic lunar * synodic * .metonic * anlunar

Right Asension tables

Rising, setting, and culminating times of the planets

Rodden Rating of chart data

Sabian symbol interpretation fields

Save chart to disk

Select map areas

Select printout graphic line thickness

Secondary progressions

Sidereal ayanamsa * DeLuce * Fagan-Allen * Krishamurti * Lahiri * Larry Ely * Raman * Shill.Pond * Sri Yutkeswar * Sundra Rajan * Usha-Shashi

Sidereal zodiac

Sign ingresses

Single wheels

Sky maps with zoom feature

Solar arc directions

Solar eclipse charts

Sort charts by name, type, date, coordinate system

Standard planets

Standard wheels



Symbols page

Synastry charts

Synastry aspect grid

Synastry aspect listing

Synastry midpoint listing

Synastry wheel

Synastry Interpretations

Tertiary progressions

Time span: 7299BC to 12299AD

Timed hit list

Topocentric coordinate system (viewed from earth's surface)

Traditional chart (Medieval square chart form)

Transiting ingresses

Transiting midpoints



Tropical zodiac

True or Mean Moon's North Node

Turn the chart (horary)

Unequal wheels

Uranian coverings, trends and analyses

Uranian planets

Velocity tables

Vernal point

Void of course moon


Wheel plus aspect grid

Zodiac charts

Zodiac wheels

Zodiac: Tropical or Sidereal

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