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Astrology Resources

Premier resource site for Traditional Astrology created by respected British astrologer, Deborah Houlding. Includes on-line tuition, articles, astrologer's forum and links to major astrology sites.

Comprehensive European astrology site. Includes free on-line chart calculation service and look-up atlas with up-to-date time changes.

The most complete and reliable source of celebrity, event and research chart data available collected by Lois Rodden and her associates and maintained by Astrodienst.

Astrology encyclopaedia established and maintained by Astrodienst.  

Free on-line encyclopaedia. Excellent astrology resource. Updated constantly.

Medieval Techniques & Ancient Wisdom:
Important resource site for students and practitioners of Ancient and Medieval astrology operated by Dr Benjamin Dykes. Contains translations of classical texts, lectures and articles.

Project Hindsight:
Principal resource site for research into and translation of Hellenistic Astrology texts by Robert Schmidt and associates. Courses, articles and news.

Hellenistic Astrology:
Quality resource site for those interested in the study of Hellenistic Astrology operated by Chris Brennan. Contains articles, on-line courses and podcasts.

The Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software:
Respected American astrologer, Hank Friedman's, astrology resource website. Astrology software reviews and detailed articles on how to use various astrology programs.

Learn Astrology Free:
Hank Friedman's over 100 tutorials in Western & Vedic astrology, plus reading lists and new articles added bi-monthly.

Urania Trust:
A registered UK educational charity founded in 1970 which provides information on astrology in Britain and around the world.

Astrology Weekly:
Astrology articles and information updated weekly.

Extensive and critical astrology site in Dutch language by psychotherapist Dr Martin Boot.

Arabic Parts Calculator:
Calculate Arabic Parts quickly and easily here. Also has a link to Midpoint calculation service. Very useful resource.

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University Degrees in Astrology

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences:
Situated in Washington State, USA. Offers 4 year BA degree in Astrological Studies and is authorised to grant an Associate of Arts Degree in the History and Symbology of Astrology.

Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture:
Pursue a Master's degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology on-line through the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture.

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Astrology Practitioners & Teachers

Sue Ward:
Principal of the Traditional Horary Astrology Course. Offers courses in Traditional and Horary astrology. Website includes resources, articles and chart services.

John Frawley:
Website of leading horary astrologer, author and publisher of acclaimed Astrologer's Apprentice magazine, John Frawley. Offers horoscope services and courses in Traditional Astrology.

Fern Mercier:
New Zealand astrologer and tarot reader. Offers astrology and tarot services and courses. Consultations in person or by phone.

Carol Squires:
New Zealand astrologer and teacher. Offers astrology courses by correspondence and weekly classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Personal consultations, including natal, annual forecasts, relationship compatability.

Marjorie Orr:
Marjorie Orr's excellent astrology site. Free birth charts, political astrology, heavenly headlines, horoscopes / stars by phone, full birth charts, year-ahead charts, your relationships.

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Astrology Organisations

Astrology Foundation Incorporated:
Leading New Zealand astrology society founded in 1983. Monthly meetings, AFI Journal and Newsletter.

Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc:
Leading Australian astrology organisation. Includes information on events, classes, conferences and accredited astrologers. 

Astrological Association of Great Britain:
Leading British astrology society founded in 1958. Website includes news and views on astrology in the UK and around the world. Resource for data, articles and events. Publishes The Astrological Journal and Correlation periodical.

National Council for Geocosmic Research:
Leading US astrology organisation. Resource for astrological learning and events. Offers accredited courses in astrology. Publishes NCGR Journal.

Academia de Estudos Astrologicos (Academy of Astrological Studies):
Astrology school and research centre based in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro.

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Culture & Cosmos:
Quality academic journal on the history of astrology and astronomy published two times a year.  Edited by Nicholas Campion PhD and Patrick Curry PhD.

The Mountain Astrologer:
General level astrology magazine published monthly. Articles by leading astrologers. Book & software reviews.