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Astrology Websites

AstroDatabank: The place for celebrity data and astrology research.

Astrodienst: On-line atlas and time zones.

Astrological Insights: Website of New York professional astrologer, Joann Hampar. Specialist in Horary, Electional & Relocation astrology.

The Astrologer's Apprentice: Rigorous astrology, fine writing and a sense of fun: there is nothing quite like The Astrologer's Apprentice.

Astrology by Correspondence: Comprehensive correspondence course in astrology for beginners and advanced students. Principal: Carol Squires PMAFA, DTASNZ.

The Astrology Centre: Scottish astrological organisation based in Edinburgh.

Astrological Association of Great Britain: The home of British astrology.

Astropro - Richard Nolle's Homepage: A treasure trove of quality astrology with cool resources for the professional and student astrologer alike (including Tees Reitsma's listing of international astrology conferences). Chosen by Microsoft as their Active Channel astrology feature site.

Culture and Cosmos: Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Edited by Nicholas Campion. Highly recommended.

Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc: Homepage of the FAA. Main astrological body in Australia.

Janus Astrology Software: Precision astrology software.

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences: Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences is the only college of astrology in the western hemisphere authorized to issue Bachelor and Master Degrees.

Metalog Directory of Astrology: A directory listing of international astrology organisations and professional astrologers.

Metalog List of Astrology Sites: The Internet's most comprehensive listing of astrological sites.

Renaissance Astrology: Website of Christopher Warnock. Specialist in traditional Renaissance horary & electional astrology & the Renaissance astrological magic of Cornelius Agrippa & Marsilio Ficino.

Robert Zoller's Medieval Astrology: Homepage of Robert Zoller, widely regarded as the authority in Medieval Astrology. Information on his books, lectures and correspondence course.

Siana: Astrology site based in New Zealand's South Island. Includes Mailing List.

StarIQ: A refreshingly unique astrology site that offers free personalized forecasts by email, original daily content on astrology and sports, health, celebrities, finance and other subjects, as well as a guide to astrology conferences, organizations and practitioners worldwide.

Tarot Aotearoa: Tarot and astrology with leading New Zealand astrologer, Fern Mercier.

The Traditional Horary Course: Classical Horary astrology taught by Sue Ward, one of the world's experts in the field.

Uranian Astrology: Based in New Zealand and devoted to Uranian astrology & Cosmobiology.

The Uranian Beacon: Intelligent astrology for the 21st Century, integrating Humanistic, Transpersonal, Geodetic, Midpoint & Uranian techniques.

Virgo Astrological Services: Homepage of Irmgard and Wilhem Rauchaus. Specialists in Cosmobiology.

Associated links that are not expressly astrological but worth a look.

Access: New Age: For all things Esoteric & Spiritual, Occult & Metaphysical.

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry: By Pol de Limbourg and his brothers, Jan and Hermann. The original manuscript of this astrological calendar is now in the Musee Conde at Chantilly in France. For more detailed information and fine reproductions of these images visit:

Predict the Weather: Homepage of weather man, Ken Ring. Weather predictions for Australasia and the world based on the Moon.

Mailing Lists

Courtesy of Tees Reitsma

"THE URANIAN GROUP" - born October 18, 1997 at 14:20 NZT (02:20 GMT) Masterton, NZ (40s57, 175e40) for Uranian astrology and Cosmobiology, including the Transneptunian planets and midpoints. To subscribe send Email to moderator at: and you will receive all details. Moderator: Steven Lee

"WILLIAM LILLY" - born July 28, 1996 at 6:22 am PDT, (123w41, 38n54) for traditional astrology. To subscribe send Email to: with the word: subscribe as subject and you will receive all details. Moderator: Carol A. Wiggers. 

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