Cosmobiology Looks at the
Life and Death of a Princess

© 1997 Hamish Saunders 
Diana, Princess of Wales
Born:                     1 July 1961                                          View Dynamic Quad Dial
                              7:45pm BST
                              Sandringham, UK
                              0E30, 52N50

Fatal Car Crash:    31 August 1997
                             12:25am CED
                             Paris, France
                             2E20, 48N52

The brighter the star the nearer it is to the stars. In the lives of the exceptional, astrology proves itself consistently. Without a doubt, in life and in death, Princess Diana was one of the world's exceptional human beings and, as in the case of those special individuals who stand out in the crowd, the astrology of Diana's life showed itself magnificently over the years.

Born with the fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus, culminating in her chart, she was destined to rise to a position of great fame, to receive lasting honours, to be a leader and pioneer who would go against the grain, and become a defender and protector of the innocent and those in need.

Her Sun in Cancer spoke of an emotional, caring and sensitive woman with a great wealth of feeling and devotion to her loved ones, especially her children. Her Aquarian Moon marked her out as a true humanitarian, whose concern for others outweighed the suffering she endured in her own quest for emotional happiness.

The many eulogies that have been made to Diana since her passing have all asserted her humanity and concern for the welfare of others. But most poignant are the words of her brother, Charles, who said, of all the things Diana was, she was above all, intuitive. These are the qualities of Cancer and Aquarius. Diana had the common touch. She knew instinctively how to connect immediately with people on all levels. It is for this Aquarian ability that she will be most remembered.

From the day she was propelled on to the world stage we shared the joys and the trials of her short eventful life. Rarely in the history of the world has one person generated such wide-spread public interest. She will define this age and become one of the great icons of all time. The sense of loss and the outpouring of collective grief over her sudden death was unparalleled. Possibly it is because her experiences were the experiences that we all identify with. As such we felt we knew her personally and that she was one of us.

Diana's life was certainly a privileged one, but it was not wholly a happy one. She felt confined and restricted. Firstly, by the protocol of the monarchy, secondly by the pain of a loveless marriage and thirdly by the unrelenting presence of the world press stalking her every move. Of these three facets of her life astrology speaks to us via her Sun = Saturn/Asc. midpoint, "a keen awareness of the lack in freedom of movement, difficult circumstances of living, suffering from the conditions of the environment" and Venus = Saturn/Asc."an inhibited and depressed expression of feeling and of love caused by influences within the environment".COSI.*

She was unable to find true love in her personal life. And though it is said she had come to know it briefly with Dodi al Fayed, with whom she tragically died, a longterm happiness would have still eluded her. Moon opposition Uranus and square to Venus does not bode well for stable intimate one to one relationships. This is a combination of planets reserved for those of a more universal love and destiny. Her love unions would be short and quickly passing regardless of the depth of emotion felt. There would have been an overriding urge for independence and freedom that she would have either felt in herself, or conversely from the person she was attracted to. Above all she needed a love that was unconventional. Life with tradition-bound Prince Charles would have been stuffy and rebelled against - as it was.

Diana was ready to meet her destiny in 1981. Her Solar Arcs and major transits all pointed towards it. Her chart for the 29th of July 1981 is a fine example of someone taking the vows of marriage. Solar Arc Jupiter = natal Venus = Sun = Moon/Venus = Moon,"an abundance of love, an affectionate and optimistic disposition, a wife's love reciprocated (or so she thought at the time), the capability to climb socially, great personal success, advancement in life, the bride, the girl engaged to be married, a cheerful nation". COSI

Of course, the sorry outcome of this "fairy tale wedding" is also present in other Solar Arcs at the time of the marriage, namely Solar Arc Neptune = natal Moon's Node = Venus/Mars = Moon/Mars,"expecting more than is possible of another or an association, being let down or deceived; disappointment in sex-relationship and undermining circumstances affecting the family life detrimentally"; and Solar Arc Saturn = natal Jupiter/Moon's Node, "teamwork which is rendered more difficult as time goes on, the termination of an association, marriage difficulties". COSI.

By transit, Pluto was conjunct her Midheaven,"Fame, the desire to become important, the growth and development of strength, the inclination to look upon one's vocation or calling as a mission as well, a turn in one's destiny brought about by Providence, and undergoing inner change and transformation". COSI.

Diana did transform from a shy and unsophisticated girl into a woman who became a force to be reckoned with. She single-handedly brought the monarchy into a confrontation with the modern world. She showed a defiance and strength of character that was under-estimated by the architects of the royal marriage, and she made Charles accountable for his marital conduct. As such she has come to represent a universal call for equality in marriage. Her unwavering will was the product of her Capricornian Saturn. She knew what was right and what wasn't.

Like so many of the other dramatic events that happened in her life - such as her marriage, the birth of William and the announcement of the separation from Charles - a Solar Eclipse marked her death. Diana died with transiting Mars exactly conjunct her Saturn/Uranus midpoint, Pluto transiting her Sun/Saturn midpoint and Uranus transiting her Sun/Mars midpoint; three extremely volatile planetary combinations. Mars = Saturn/Uranus reads as "an act of violence, undergoing great efforts and toil, a violent or forced release from tension and strain, the stage of challenging others (death in this case perhaps?) in a decisive contest or fight, an accident, an injury" (COSI); Pluto = Sun/Saturn is danger to life through forces beyond personal control; and Uranus = Sun/Mars suggests a sudden accident and threat to life. This last midpoint aspects the anatomical degree of the pulmonary artery entrance. Her pulmonary artery was severed by the force of the car crash.

Since her death there has been some discussion about her birth time. For years the preferred time has been 7:45pm BST. However, a time of 2:15pm BST has been put forward for consideration. The former is the one that I and most astrologers prefer, however, a good case can be made for the latter, and it should be investigated further. Both conflicting times are from sources from within the palace and the Spencer family. It is said Diana herself supported 7:45pm and gave this time to Debbie Frank, her friend and astrologer. In support of the 7:45pm time it is worth noting that transiting Venus was at conjunction to the Midheaven of this chart when her body was put to rest.

As a footnote it is an interesting coincidence that Carl Lewis, the megastar Olympic athlete and winner of a record-breaking nine gold medals, hung up his running shoes for the last time and quit top level sports at about the same time as Diana's death. Lewis was born on exactly the same day as Diana in 1961, in Birmingham, Alabama at 7:49 AM, CST.

* COSI is an abbreviation for The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.