These are some of our most frequently asked questions relating to Janus 4.3.
If your question isn't here please contact us via the online support form.

Janus 4.3 System Requirements

Screen Area, Resolution and Display

What is the minimum setting for Janus 4.3?

A minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels offers the best on-screen resolution for using Janus 4.3.
To check your computer's screen settings do the following:

Installing on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Janus 4.3 will run on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Installation instructions for these platforms are supplied with the software and are available here:

 Installing Janus 4.3 from download

 Installing Janus 4.3 From CD

Installing Janus 4.3 on a Mac

Can Janus 4.3 run on a Mac?

The Janus 4.3 program is designed to run on Windows but will run on a Mac if you have a Windows emulation program such as Virtual PC installed on your computer. You will need to consult your local computer shop about this.

"Run time Error 75" message

When I start Janus 4.3 I get a "run time error 75 path/file access error."
How can I fix this?

This error is caused by not correctly creating the c:\tempast0 folder and setting the Windows permissions for the c:\tempast0 folder and the c:\Program Files\Janus4 folder on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To fix this:

To start Janus 4.3, go Start, Programs and click Janus 4.

If you have trouble doing this we recommend that you get a local computer expert to assist you.

"Not a valid Win 32 application" message

I downloaded the Janus 4.3 program but when I tried to install it I got an error message "Not a valid Win 32 application."

This message can occur if the Janus 4.3 file you downloaded was interrupted before the file was completely downloaded.
You will need to download Janus 4.3 again.
If you have a broadband internet connection this should only take a few minutes.
If you are using a dialup internet connection, you will need to install the Janus 4.3 program from a CD.

Another program tries to install itself instead of Janus 4.3

When I try to install Janus 4.3, a different application e.g. Virtual Earth tries to install instead.

It is possible that when you installed the Virtual Earth program, the installer left behind some temporary installer files which are interfering with the way the Janus program installer is working.
We recommend that you contact the makers of the Virtual Earth program and ask them how to remove these temporary installer files.
These files could be files like setup.exe or setup1.exe or setup.lst and could be in your c:windows\temp folder.
After these temporary files have been removed, you will be able to install Janus.

Janus 4.3 freezes or "hangs" on start-up

When I start Janus 4.3, it freezes or "hangs". How can I fix this?

Try shutting down your computer and restarting it to see if that clears the problem.
A possible reason is that another application running in the background is preventing Janus 4.3 from starting. For example, Skype can do this.
The solution is to start Janus 4.3 first, then start Skype.
Another thing you can try is to start your computer in "Safe Mode" then see if Janus 4.3 starts without freezing.

How to start your computer in Safe Mode.

Re-start your computer.
While your computer is re-booting, keep pressing the F8 key up and down, and after a short time a "start options screen" will appear from which you can select Safe Mode.
Starting your computer in Safe Mode prevents all the small background applications from starting when Windows starts.
If you can repeatedly start and close Janus 4.3 while in Safe Mode, then one of the background apps is causing the problem when Windows starts normally.
If this is the case, you will need to get a local computer expert to help identify which background app is causing the problem.
It might, for example, be an app that manages a wireless connection.

There are no planets on the main screen when Janus 4.3 starts

When I start Janus 4.3, there are no planets in the wheel on the main screen. What is wrong?

It is likely that you need to re-select the planets to be displayed on the wheel.
From the Janus 4.3 main screen menu, click Settings > Main Screen > Planet Selection.
Tick the planets Sun through to Pluto, Asc, Mc, and Moon's North Node.
That should fix the problem.

Changing the date format from Day/Month/Year to Month/Day/Year

How do I change the Date Format in Janus 4.3?

From the Janus 4.3 main screen menu, click Settings > Defaults.
In the General tab, select either Day Month Year or Month Day Year in the date format drop-down list box.

Setting my local place for initial chart

How can I get Janus 4.3 to use my location for the initial chart when it starts?

From the Janus main screen menu, click Settings > Defaults.
Select the local place tab
Select your country
Select your city
Click the Save Place button
The next time you start Janus 4.3 the initial chart will use your city and country as the place.

Transferring charts from an old computer to a new computer

How can I transfer my Janus 4 charts from my old computer to my new computer?

Start Janus in your old computer.
From the main screen menu, click Tools > Backup / Restore.
Copy you Janus 4 chart files *.chb to a USB flash drive.
Plug the flash drive into your new computer.
Start Janus and click Tools > Backup / Restore.
Copy the chart files from your flash drive to your c:\program files\Janus4 folder.

How can I transfer my Janus 3 charts from my old computer to Janus 4.3 on my new computer?

Copy your Janus 3 chart files .cha from c:\Program Files\Janus to a USB flash drive or to a CD.
From your Janus 4.3 main screen menu, click Tools > Import / Export Natal Charts.
Select the Import Function.
In the Get From box, select the drive and path to your Janus 3 .cha chart files (i.e. the USB flash drive or CD).
In the Save To box, select the drive and path where to save the imported charts to.
Typically c:\Program Files\Janus4
You can import charts from one file at a time.
Only Natal Charts will be imported.

Backing up chart files

How can I backup my chart files?

From the main screen menu, click Tools > Backup/Restore. You can backup your charts files to a USB flash drive, external drive or CD/DVD.

Editing existing chart notes

How can I edit the notes of an existing chart?

You can do this through the Chart File Manager.
From the Janus 4.3 main screen menu, click Tools > Chart File Manager.
Select the file (top left) that the chart is in.
Then select the chart from the list at the bottom.
Then from the menu, click Edit > Chart Notes.

Interpretation report doesn't appear in word processor

I generated a report, but it does not appear in my word processor window.

Click "Paste" in your word processor.

Sending wheel, map or graph images by email

How can I send an image by email?

First, either copy the entire screen to the Windows clipboard (Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard) or copy the active window to the Windows clipboard, (press Alt + Print Screen). Then paste the image into a graphics utility such as Windows Paint.
(To start Paint, go Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint)
Crop the image if required. Then save the image as a jpeg. You can then insert or attach the jpeg image to your outgoing email.

Casting a Draconic chart

How can I cast a Draconic chart?

From the Janus 4 main screen menu, click Cast Chart > Zodiac.
In the Cast a Zodiac Chart window, click the Draconic button to put the Moon's North Node on Zero Aries.

Displaying Solar Eclipse paths

How can I display a Solar Eclipse path?

In the ACG Map window menu bar, click Mode and click the Solar Eclipse Path radio button.

Part of Fortune calculation options

How can I select the way the Part of Fortune is calculated when I cast a chart?

The Part of Fortune can be calculated 2 different ways.

Method 1.
PF = Asc + Moon - Sun for both day and night births.
Method 2.
PF = Asc + Moon - Sun for day birth.
PF = Asc + Sun - Moon for night birth.

From the Janus main screen menu, click Settings > Defaults.
In the General tab, you can select how the POF is to be calculated each time you cast a new chart.

Transiting Moon does not appear in Graphic Ephemeris

I added the transiting Moon to the Graphic Ephemeris but it does not appear.

You need to reduce the time frame of the graph to 3 months or less.

Viewing planets in the constellation of Ophiuchus

How can I see which planets are in the constellation of Ophiuchus?

Open the Sky Map module, and turn on Constellations.
To do this, click the Display button, select the General tab and tick the Constellations check box.
To quickly find Ophiuchus, click the Find button, select the Constellation radio button, select Ophiuchus in the drop down list box and click the Find button. The Sky Map will rotate to put Ophiuchus in the centre of the screen.

How to upgrade from Janus 3 to Janus 4.3

How can I upgrade from Janus 3 to Janus 4.3?

There are 2 ways you can upgrade to Janus 4.3

  1. If you have a broadband internet connection visit our website and click the download link. Check the system requirements and print the installation instructions before downloading the program.  After you have installed Janus, please return to our website, click Buy Now and select the Janus 4.3 upgrade from Janus 3 option for $99 USD to purchase your Janus 4.3 registration codes.
  2. If you do not have a broadband internet connection we recommend you purchase Janus 4.3 on CD. Go to our website, click Buy Now and select the Janus 4.3 upgrade from Janus 3 on CD option for $119 USD.

The Janus 4.3 upgrade is the complete program, so there is no need to install Janus 3 first if you are installing Janus 4.3 on a new computer.