About Astrology House

Astrology House was established in Auckland at the end of 1979 and officially opened at 6:30pm on the 25th of June 1980.

It was founded by Owen Redwood Avis, Hamish Saunders and Mark Griffin with the intention to raise the standard of professional astrological practice in New Zealand.

Owen Avis studied with Reinhold Ebertin in Germany during the 1950s and learned the astrological system of Cosmobiology from him directly. Whilst Cosmobiology is the principal astrological system used at Astrology House traditional methods of astrology are also employed.

The main business of Astrology House is to prepare and interpret personal astrological charts for individuals. Since 1980 Astrology House has built up a clientele numbering in excess of 11,000.

In addition to client work, Astrology House works closely with The Astrology Foundation Incorporated (AFI) and The New Zealand College of Astrology (NZCA).

Astrology House, the AFI and the NZCA all share the same address.

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