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Have your personal astrological chart prepared and interpreted to you in person
by one of our fully trained certified astrologers or sent to you by post.

Discover your potentials and your hidden talents, understand yourself and others better,
and plan your future with greater confidence through astrology.

Your astrological chart can enrich your life.


The Natal Chart $150

This is our premier personalised astrology chart, and is one of the most comprehensive natal reports available in the world. The data for the planets, signs, aspects and midpoints are computer calculated to guarantee mathematical accuracy, and the interpretations are written by our professional astrologers.

Your Natal Chart is presented to you in an attractive A4 size comb-bound booklet complete with the zodiacal wheel, displaying the exact placement of the planets and the personal points at your moment of birth.

There are also various graphs, and up to 25 pages of interpretation detailing your general personallity traits, personal behavioural patterns, inner strengths, how you interact with other people, your main life trends, a forecast of the next 12 months and an Astro Locality Map indicating the significant places in the world for you. You receive a one and half hour consultation with one of our astrologers and this is taped for your future reference.

If, for some reason, you are unable to come into ASTROLOGY HOUSE for your Natal Chart consultation, or if you live out of Auckland, we will make a tape recording of your interpretation to cover points which would normally be discussed.

(Please add $8 within New Zealand or $20 for international orders to cover packaging and postage for mail order.)

The Personality Profile & Annual Forecast Chart $40

This is the chart to begin your astrological journey. It is not as detailed as the Natal Chart but you will find it absorbing. This report looks at your life path, emotional life, mentality, love and sexuality, career and more from a personal and professional perspective.

In addition, you receive a yearly forecast outlining your principle trends for the next 12 months.

Your Planetary Profile & Yearly Forecast Chart is presented to you in an attractive A4 size booklet. It also makes an ideal gift.

(For orders outside of New Zealand please add $10 to cover postage and packing)

The Progressed Chart $95

This is an in-depth appraisal of your year ahead, detailing the major shifts and developments occurring in your life at both and inner and external level.

This chart indicates the principal trends and cycles affecting you throughout the course of the year. It points, not only to your periods of growth and expansion, but also, to those times when consolidation or restraint are recommended.

With this chart you will become increasingly aware of your natural cycles and of your options when faced with challenges and changes in your life.

This chart is presented to you in an attractive A4 size booklet and interpreted to you in person by one of our experienced astrologers.

Taped postal consultations are also available on request if you live outside of Auckland.

(Please add $8 within New Zealand and $20 for international orders to cover packing and postage for mail order).

Relationship Report $40

The Relationship Report is a counseling astrologer's comparison of two individual birth horoscopes. Let this chart reveal new insights into your romantic and non-romantic relationships.

Child Profile Report $80

Discover your child's potentials, strengths, talents and principle life-trends. The Child Profile is presented in an A4 size booklet and accompanied by a taped consultation.

(Please add $8 within New Zealand and $20 for international orders to cover packing and postage for mail order).

Follow up Hourly Consultations $50

Once you have had your ASTROLOGY HOUSE astrological chart drawn up and interpreted you may wish to retain us as your astrology consultants, to either clarify any future occurrences in your chart and understand yourself and astrology more deeply, or to have specific areas of interest looked into.

Hourly follow-up interviews with our astrologers are only a phone call away.

Computer Printouts

ASTROLOGY HOUSE provides a wide array of astrological computer calculation services for the enthusiastic amateur, student or professional astrologer. We are able to provide a wide range of chartwheels, ephemeris graphs, transit listings, Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable sorts, midpoint trees, astro locality maps and much more.

Print-outs can be sent to you via e-mail, fax or ordinary post.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Prices are subject to method of delivery and volume.

Placing your order

For Natal and Progressed charts and Follow-up consultations please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of work and appointments. However, this can be varied according to individual circumstances. Allow up to one week from receipt of your order for delivery of your Planetary Profile & Annual Forcast Report (Allow 10 days for international orders).

Payment can be made by cheque, money order or VISA/Mastercard.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and are GST inclusive.

Please remember to include packing and postage fees where applicable.

And, most importantly, when ordering a chart for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, be sure to give full name and birth data (time [am/pm], date and place), as well as full postal address for delivery by mail.

For computer print-outs by fax give your fax number, or by email give your email address for delivery via computer.

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